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You Gotta Feel Me Paper Hits the Stands

The You Gotta Feel Me paper hit the stands December 2002. This semester The Education and Media program conducted three different workshops�two at Mission High School and one at International Studies Academy. These presentations inspired students to form opinions about global issues such as environmental racism and corporate control. After each workshop students wrote and drew reflections filled with emotion, expression and new knowledge. A compilation of drawings, articles, poems, collages and general opinions from the students formed the content for our four page community newspaper called You Gotta Feel Me (formerly called Listen Up!). The newspaper has a distribution of 24,000 as it goes out into the community as an insert in the local Mission District paper The New Mission News.

The You Gotta Feel Me paper is edited and produced by HOMEY�s Editing Crew. The Crew consists of two young people recruited from the community, trained in desktop publishing and hired as interns during the yearlong program cycle. The Editing Crew interns also develop leadership, advocacy and community organizing skills as they coordinate the annual Holistic Health Festival serving over 200 community members. Speakers, performers, vendors and health advocates unite to raise community awareness on how social issues affect the community on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.