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Homey is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young peple through holistic violence prevention programs.. By providing educational, cultural, economic and intervention programs to the most disenfranchised youth, we address the root causes of violence to build sustainable healthy communities.
Education and Media Program
The Education and Media director delivers weekly workshops in two Mission district high school classrooms a semester (most recently at International Studies Academy and the other at Mission High School) giving young people the opportunity to experience the power of healing through a violence prevention oriented curriculum that also validates their experiences and nurtures their talents. We use newspaper articles, documentaries and music to spark discussions on mental, physical and emotional health issues.

This holistic approach of using multi-media and interactive activities make health issues relevant and real to their lives. Instead of being spoon fed information, youth are presented with information from a number of media sources and shown the tools of research and analysis to be able to formulate their own conclusions and to test out their assumptions regarding a certain health issue. Students critically reflect on the issues raised in these workshops through discussions, creative writing and art pieces that become content for the student paper You Gotta Feel Me!.

You Gotta Feel Me is edited and produced by HOMEY�s Editing Crew. The Crew consists of two young people recruited from the community, trained in desktop publishing and hired as interns during the yearlong program cycle. The Editing Crew interns develop leadership, advocacy and community organizing skills by coordinating the annual Holistic Health Festival serving over 200 community members. Speakers, performers, vendors and health advocates unite to raise community awareness on how social issues affect the community on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.