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Links and Resources
Coleman Advocates
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth is an independent, non-profit child advocacy organization working to improve the life of San Francisco's children, youth and their families. Founded in 1975 as a citizen action group, the organization is committed to community empowerment, culturally sensitive services, program models that focus on the strengths of families, and policies that reduce child poverty and ensure that all children have their basic needs met.
The Center for Young Women's Development
The Center for Young Women's Development has been making a difference in San Francisco since 1993. The Center's mission to provide well-paid leadership opportunities, youth sensitive services, and to address the lack of knowledge about young women who have lived on the streets and worked in street economies is accomplished through youth activism, advocacy, program planning and fundraising. This agency is unique in that it is run entirely by young women, ages 14-24, and who come from the communities in which they work. By establishing an agency run by those it serves, the Center has created a place where young women have complete political power and the ability to make positive changes for themselves and their community.
Mission Neighborhood Centers
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. strives to improve the quality of life in the greater Mission Community of San Francisco by providing culturally sensitive human services that both support and empower individuals and families.
California Coalition for Civil Rights
The California Coalition for Civil Rights is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to the development and realization of a progressive national agenda for civil and human rights.
Youth Line
Youth line provides young people with support and referrals in time of crises.
Guerrilla News Network
This page is dedicated to providing alternative information to people who feel that there are more lies than truth in the media. They also give a ton of information on issues that usually do not grace the headlines in the traditional media world.