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Sam Lippman
Sam Lippman is 22 years old and is a fourth year Community Studies student at UC Santa Cruz. He is a full time intern with HOMEY on a six-month field study for his major. Sam is working with HOMEY to organize a series of focus groups on dating violence for the non-profit Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE). He is also working with HOMEY�s Education and Media program helping facilitate workshops in Mission District High schools. Sam has been working in youth and children�s programs since he was twelve. Sam has supervised and directed city recreation programs as well as working in an alternative high school and an elementary after-school program. Sam taught preschool for the first time last year at the Beach Flats Community Center�s School Readiness Program. Sam was born and raised in Arcata, California and moved to Santa Cruz when he was 18. Sam is enjoying the transition to urban life after living in smaller towns his whole life. Sam also enjoys the creativity and grassroots approach at HOMEY.