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HOMEY runs in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from the Americas.

On July 3, 2004 HOMEY's Rene Quinonez, Antonio Arenas and two youth ran with several indigenous brothers and sister from as far away as Alaska. HOMEY's participation in the run was to pray for unity and peace amongst the young Latinos and Blacks engaged and misguided into the violent and destructive gang life. The youth that participated ran through the Mission District, which is home to the majority of San Francisco's Latino street gangs. Ren´┐Ż and Antonio ran together all the way to San Jose together caring with them the hopes and prayers for a peaceful end to the cries of frustrations amongst our young people.
The experience for me (Rene) was very empowering, to be a part of a prophecy that was prophecized centuries and ages ago is something I do not take lightly." Peace and Dignity amongst all Raza Brown, Black, White, Yellow and Red people is not only a must but also a reality that is consistently evolving into a movement and an action of power. We are becoming, by right, creators of our own destiny. We will run again and again until the time when we all understand that our people are just as legitimate in the occupation of and existence on this land. "We are all indigenous, to mother earth" If words manifest themselves then let this be a self fulfilling prophecy "We will unite."
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