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Learning to Fix Doors & Door Frames for Student at Home

The Way to Correct a Kicked-in Door Jamb

If you have been the perpetrator of this juvenile action of kicking someone’s doorway, shame on you, but if somebody else has kicked in your door, or you know of somebody that has a kicked-in door jamb, then it is not quite as bad as it seems.  It can be repaired – accroding to Door On The Go Toronto.  Typically the striker divides the side of the frame vertically a couple of inches; then the striker slips from the striker plate hole and the door swings open.  

Typically the striker divides the side of the frame vertically a couple of inches; then the striker slips from the striker plate hole and the door swings open.

Break it properly first….Then fix it

Add the end of a putty knife between the loose casing around the doorknob side, to the other side of the doorway.  Pull the housing out of the jamb in the top where it is still secured on, with your palms and the putty knife.  If the casing is either broken or damaged, then discard it.  Pull all out remaining nails, using pliers.

Eliminate the striker plate in the door in the event the crack or divide goes supporting it. Pop the plate from the mortise. 

Push the splintered jamb into its initial place. Make sure the two sides of this jamb match together pretty tightly.

Pull on the rest sides of this jamb open.  Spread paste onto the blade of this putty knife.  Apply adhesive to all locations which were split.  Add the putty knife into the crack or divide and then scrape off the paste until all of fractures and breaks are soaked with adhesive.

Position presses across the jamb.  Tighten them till the split into the frame is tight and paste oozes from all cracks.  Wait 1 hour for the paste to dry.

Eliminate the clamps.  Scrape off any remaining dried paste, together with the side of this putty knife.  Wash out the mortise with the close of the putty knife.  When it is now twisted, use a chisel to wash and cut the borders of the mortise, therefore, the striker plate matches into it before, together with the hole in the plate centered within the hole in the jamb. 

Nail back the casing into position, with one 1/4-inch finish nails and a hammer.  If the old bit of housing has been damaged, then use a miter saw set at 45 degrees to reduce on an identical bit and nail it around to get a replacement.

 Putty the holes using a color-matched putty crayon.  Utilize a stain-marker to shade the seams and cracks in which the jamb was glued back together.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wood paste
  3. Clamps
  4. Chisel
  5. End claws, one 1/4-inch
  6. Hammer
  7. Nail set

Learn why or who your door has been kicked in and use proper language to block it from occurring again. 


Wear gloves when working with wood.

How to Repair A Cracked Door Frame Yourself

In case your exterior or interior door was kicked into, or your doorway framework has deciphered, here are a couple of hints about the best way best to fix it.  In extreme instances, the door frame and the timber around the doorknob may both be cracked and broken.  The majority of the time these fixes may be achieved with wood adhesive, wood filler, and a wood clamp.  In extreme situations, the best method to mend the door and the door jamb/frame is a repair kit or a psychologist plate.  A door jamb repair kit will often include a heavy-duty strike plate along with a door jamb metallic overlay to conceal cracks and reinforce the framework.

As we mentioned above, in the event the crack onto the door frame isn’t intense, you can fix this with no kit.  A slight break in the timber could be repaired by following the steps below.   It is possible to try to restore your door jamb using the measures below.  No matter how the wood might be weakened and has to be reinforced.  You may decide to fix the forest using wood filler.  If filler and glue don’t fix your door framework, keep reading below.

The thing required to fortify the door frame is a lengthy piece of metal that covers the door frame in which the area is ruined.  This component comes from a kit and can be promoted for door safety.  It’s the most suitable choice for all-purpose door frame repair and features numerous bits to fortify your cracked doorway jamb/frame.  The Entire title of the kit is your EZ Armor Ultimate Door Security Combo Set.  To resolve the damage all around your doorknob, then you’ll have to fix the wood when possible and put in a Metal Door Knob Reinforcer.

The simplest way to repair a broken door frame would be…

Eliminate the metal door catch/strike and or bolt catch/strike.

Scrape off any tiny chunks of timber which might be protruding out of the door frame.

Make sure that your door can completely shut.  Otherwise, remove any timber that’s preventing the entry from locking.  As soon as you’re sure your door can close, proceed to next step.

Entirely open the doorway to get the doorway frame.

Apply wood glue wood filler to the crack/cracks ensuring to make it as loud as you can.

When the crack is filled with wood adhesive, you’ll have to add multiple timber knobs to squeeze the break closed.

Leave the wood clamps set up for a couple of hours. 

When the glue is dry, remove the timber clamps.  The crack should currently be hard even to see today.

The timber will have to be sanded down and painted.

Reinstall the doorway catch/strike and examine doorway.