Top 5 Most Dangerous Car Habits for Young Adults

Driving is an important task which absolutely requires you to take your life in your hands, and literally pilot a two-ton or more vehicles along with others on the road, which provides a whole host of dangers, even for experienced drivers. You have to know your car, anticipate road conditions and weather, account for what you have in your vehicle, and then also focus on others on the road who may not be paying attention as they should. Even experienced drivers have issues when driving as there are now tons of distractions like radios and video players (both in the front and the back), Wi-Fi, phones that are connected to play music and navigation, navigation systems, etc. There are many things that you need to consider when driving, however, young drivers are more susceptible to these distractions and bad habits, as they don’t have the experience to know what to focus on most, which is driving. They think they are invincible, but they aren’t. Let’s take a look at the top dangers for them. Knowledge is shared by our partners. If you have any additional question contact Auto Glass Repair Brampton

1. Phones, Texting, and Social Media

Young drivers are real teenagers who are obsessed and addicted to their devices. They have FOMO (fear of missing out) and want to let everyone know what they are doing. People have died using a SnapChat feature that shows just how fast you are going. When you are young (or old) pushing your car to the limits speed wise, and not paying attention, because you want attention, is putting you and the other people on the road in unnecessary danger.  Rogers has a campaign called It Can Wait which states that distracted driving is never ok. Just because only you are in the car doesn’t mean checking your messages is okay, because there are other people outside of your bubble. Watch some of the videos, they are disturbing and moving, and should be enough to let teens know to put the phone away until they reach their destination, and if they have to check it, pull over because that could save their lives and someone else’s as well.

2. Speeding

Because we all think we are gods and need to get somewhere because we left late or we weren’t prepared. I mean speeding isn’t going to get you anywhere quicker (how many times has someone sped past you and you meet them at the next light). It’s scary. When you speed you have less control over your vehicle, can get a ticket, and if you lose control, you could die. Leave a little earlier and don’t be pressured by those in the car (or the cars behind you) to go faster, it’s not worth the risk. Let them pass and stay at the speed limit. You’ll still get there, and alive as well. That also leads us to the next one…

3. Inexperience

You are a new driver; you know how to drive, but there is so much more to it. It involves reading people and knowing what their moves are, looking ahead of the car in front of you to see what is happening, knowing your blind spots and that a motorcycle could be right next to you and you could mostly run them over, etc., etc. Those who have been on the roads longer can anticipate the roads better. So when you are a new driver, it’s harder to do so. So slow down and learn your car and what you are doing as well as knowing your limits. Some people don’t drive in the snow because they don’t like to. So as a young driver it’s important to learn your lessons at lower speeds. You don’t know everything, make sure to learn through experience, but don’t also know how to adjust. That is one of the most valuable lessons. We didn’t all become good drivers the moment we got behind the wheel. The more driving we do, the better we are.

4. Passengers

Seriously this might seem like a why would you do this to me kind of hazard but it is. It’s a distraction. Other people are a distraction as well as the addition of peer pressure. Teens don’t understand that you have to wait to show the driver something or they will encourage you to go faster, etc. But they are an additional pressure in your ride that could cause an accident. Many states have laws as to how many passengers can be in a car at once based on the driver and their experience and time on the road. Learn them, and you can prevent some of the accidents that happen.

5. Being Tired

Being sleepy is almost the same as being drunk. Both of them are terrible, and as a teen, you think you can do anything, tiredness is damned. So instead, if you are tired, take a nap and know that you are better off for it than trying to drive tired. People have nodded off at the wheel and caused accidents and hurt others, so just make sure that you as a teen are getting rest and not driving while exhausted. I’ve pulled over more than once (as someone who has been driving for over 15 years) because I knew it wasn’t safe.  So get the rest and then keep going.

Driving as a new driver can be scary, you have to know so much but yet the only way to get it is through experience. Make sure to be safe at all times and consider your surroundings. Anything that you want to do while driving can wait, unless it’s driving itself. Focus on the road and be safe.

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